OncoTRIP™ Translational Research

OncoTRIP™ Translational Research

Platform OncoTRIP™ – Tumor Response Index & Profiling.

To save your time and maximize your budget to analyze the biological effects of any new compounds on primary cultures of human tumors, Oncomedics provides you an access to its knowledge and tools. Having secured all the regulatory processes to collect the fresh human tumors in a full legal frame, Oncomedics proposes his unique Platform OncoTRIP™ based on a fee for service.

OncoTRIP™ is an acronym for Tumor Response Index & Profiling of primary cell culture of patient-derived tumor cells. OncoTRIP™ is an enabling tool bridging the advances made in primary cells culture with hard to collect, to grow and to investigate patient-derived solid tumor cells.

Such unique platform OncoTRIP™ will allow studying:

1) Profiling of molecules of interest,

2) Profiling and qualification of a drug candidate,

3) Correlation marker(s) / anti-proliferative activity and,

4) Selection of relevant tumor types for further in-vivo testing

Today, OncoTRIP™ encompasses all the attributes that make it a scalable, reliable and actionable cellular assay platform. All the critical elements from the collection of tumor specimens to test conditions have been methodically investigated and improved when needed.

OncoTRIP™ is a turn-key platform in all cancer types validated to-date:

1)      Breast cancer

2)      Colorectal cancer

3)      Ovarian Cancer

4)      Glioblastoma cancer

5)      Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX)

The figure below summarizes you all the procedure to perform a reliable primary tumor cell culture allowing you to test the marker of your choice (proliferation, apoptosis, gene expression, enzyme activity, supernatant contents…). In addition to the 2-Dimension culture process, you can also use the platform for co-cultures and for 3-Dimension primary cell cultures.


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