You are interested in OncoTRIP platform services:


Please contact Oncomedics’ team at or by phone: +33 (0)5 55 33 85 25.


What are the different steps of a typical study?


1 – Through a call and/or email interactions, you expose your queries (non-disclosure agreement available if necessary);

2 – Oncomedics project managers send you a specifically-designed draft for your study;

3 – Following validation of the draft, a proposal is written by Oncomedics and validated by both parts;

4 – When study is started, Oncomedics regularly sends feedback about intermediate results and issues;

5 – At the end of study, an analytical report is sent, which contains the rationale, a technical abstract, raw data, analysis of these data, and a final conclusion about the scientific results brought by the study.


With OncoTRIP, you will:


– Know the efficiency of your candidate on cells from a panel of human tumors;

– Compare this efficiency with responses for one or several referent drugs;


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– Determine, for a given pathology, the percentage of tumors that respond to your drug(s);

– Compare each patient with the population responsive to one or several referent drugs;

– Identify subpopulations of responsive and resistant patients for your drug(s);



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– Correlate tumor responses with expression of specific biomarker(s), or select within a population responsive tumors to the drug(s) and identify specific biomarker(s).
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