Our advisory board

Our advisory board

In order to benefit from the knowledge of others, Oncomedics will establish current 2014 an Advisory Board formed with talented and engaged individuals. The Board is consulted twice a year.

Current members are:

Dr Grégoire Prévost, CEO of CIPREVO.

In 2013, Grégoire has founded his own company CIPREVO to support R&D Oncology projects bringing his expertise and his network. He brings to Oncomedics 26 years of experience in Oncology with a special attention to preclinical aspects. He obtained his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 1989 at the Institut Pasteur of Paris/ University of Tours, and continued his scientific career as a post-doc at IOCMH (France) and BIOMEASURE (USA). In 1995, he was appointed as Oncology research group leader at IPSEN and held progressive positions at IPSEN, among which Oncology Translational Research Director, Oncology Scientific Affairs Director and member of the Oncology Portfolio Management Team. In March 2011, Grégoire joined InteRNA Technologies (The Netherlands) as Chief Development Officer. He has authored more than 85 scientific publications and patent families.


Pr Muriel Mathonnet, MD, Surgeon.

For over 20 years she has focused her activity specifically on surgical oncology for colorectal cancer. She advises the company on the definition of medical strategy.


Dr Salem Chouaib, Director of unit U753 “Cytokines and Anti-tumour Immunity” at Institut Gustave Roussy.

He helps the business with its strategy for the transfer of fundamental concepts to clinical applications.


Dr Juan Iovanna, Research Director at the Inserm U.624, “Cellular Stress” and Deputy Director of the Marseille oncology research centre (CRCM).

His expertise is recognised internationally. He notably perfected a chemogram for the pre-clinical development on pancreatic cancer. He is, moreover, a consultant for Dynabio SA.