Oncomedics focuses its partnerships for the development of new services and new products to collect as much as possible data from a precious fresh human tumor sample. Based on these data coming from a living tumor sample, Oncomedics will provide to its customers an extensive view of the sensitivity of each individual tumor to current or new drugs and support the choice between different therapeutic alternatives.

To date, Oncomedics is very pleased to collaborate with renowned academic and corporate partners for specific aspects.



oncodesign_logo Oncodesign is a biotechnology company serving the pharmaceutical industry in the discovery of new therapeutic molecules to fight cancer and other serious illnesses with no known efficient treatment. Its preclinical experimentation services provide a broad range of products and services for the assessment and validation of anti-cancer therapies, as well as biomarker development and monitoring. Oncodesign has a unique collection of patient-derived tumors growing in animals (mouse, rat) that preserve human biological characteristics. Based on its partnership with Oncodesign, Oncomedics has a privileged access to this collection to perform and study in vitro primary cells.




excilone_logo Because today, it is essential to analyze the molecular contents of smaller and smaller tissue samples, Excilone opens the way of the nanogenomics and the microgenomics with totally integrated solutions, which authorize Oncomedics to reach the scale of a single primary tumor cell. Such partership proposes the most innovative solutions in the domain to prepare your biological samples from one single primary tumor cell or from a tumor slice and then to perform cell imaging and molecular content description. In addition to the 2-Dimension culture process, this partnership allows the use of the platform OncoTRIP for 3-Dimension primary cell cultures.


New partnering opportunities:

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