Oncogramme, a new individualized tumor response testing method: application to colon cancer

Loum E, Giraud S, Bessette B, Battu S, Mathonnet M, Lautrette C. 

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in industrialized countries. Many anti-cancer researches are consequently performed and individualized tumor response testing (ITRT) methods are now used to individualize patient chemotherapeutic administrations. Then, a new ITRT method, Oncogramme, was developed for colon cancer. Colon tumor fragments from different patients were dissociated and seeded in a defined culture medium. Cell preparation process as well as culture medium allowed high cell viability and a good primary culture success rate. After treatment of isolated tumoral cells by chemotherapeutics alone or in combination, cytotoxicity was determined by cell death assay allowing the Oncogramme establishment, which was validated by statistical analysis. Indeed, significant results were obtained such as different profile for each patient's cells with various drugs, and variability between patient's cells in the response to each drug. Procedure described here to obtain the Oncogramme is a new, fast and technically reliable ITRT method applied to colon cancer. For an individualized cancer treatment use, this test should be further validated by a phase I clinical trial.