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Our mission is to extract the maximum of information from a fresh human tumor leading to the best possible treatment for the immediate benefit of the patient.

Despite great advances in our understanding of the cellular and molecular bases of human cancers and the increasing number of new therapeutic options, the treatment of advanced human cancers frequently remains disappointing, particularly when facing metastases.

This is linked to the natural history of the tumors and/or patients, considering (i) the interpatient variability in drug exposure, (ii) the diversity of cancer subtypes with respect to molecular profiles, and (iii) the intratumoral heterogeneity, and (iv) the highly variable tumor cell doubling time. All these sources of variability make difficult the validation of markers predictive of the clinical response to the different therapeutic options including surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy or radiotherapy.

The interest of patient tumor established primary cell culture in preclinical and clinical testing is growing with the increasing number of new therapeutic alternatives. These primary cell cultures directly derived from patient tumor samples, with limited in vitro manipulation, provide a more accurate depiction of human tumor biologic characteristics than cell lines with high numbers of in vitro doubling periods.

The unique experience of Oncomedics allows the investigation of the sensitivity profile of the primary tumor cells anticipating the correlation with the clinical situation for each individual patient.

Oncomedics has secured all the legal and regulatory processes to collect and cultivate the fresh human tumors in a full legal frame. To facilitate these processes for his customers, Oncomedics has developed a proprietary platform OncoTRIP, which has integrated all the required successive steps. With all these efforts, Oncomedics provides a full and flexible analysis of the primary cultures of human tumors. In addition to this platform OncoTRIP, using its unique know-how, Oncomedics has built a bank of living primary tumor cells and has optimized specific culture media to increase viability and growth of primary cells (OncoMiD-Via, OncoMiD-Diss, OncoMiD).

In addition to these services, Oncomedics develops its own pipeline of new primary cell culture products and services to extend the levels of investigation of the fresh human tumor cells. Oncomedics is advancing its portfolio of Research and Development projects (BioCaptor, IMODI, Oncogramme) on its own or through collaborative efforts with prestigious partners from the industrial world (Sanofi, Servier, Pierre Fabre, Ipsen, Transgene, Oncodesign, CTI-Biotech, ArianaPharma, Biofortis…) or from the academic institutions (Universities, CNRS, Inserm…).

The figure below summarizes all the scientific and strategic interests of Oncomedics to use the primary tumor cell cultures in a “clinical like trial” generating data potentially representative of the clinical trial results.


Chief Executive Officer: Dr Christophe Lautrette

Christophe is Doctor of the University of Limoges (France) with a particular interest in Biology-Health. He is laureate of the thesis Prize in 2003. In addition to his research activities, Christophe has also held teaching positions at the University of Limoges. Christophe began to develop the technology supporting the Oncogramme project at the University of Limoges in the EA 3842, Faculty of Medicine of Limoges. To complete his education, Christophe participated to several entrepreneurial training organized by the Doctoral School “Health Science Technology” and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges. Then he integrated the Limousin business incubator for the non-technical aspects. He especially participated to “Challenge” of HEC – Paris (L’École des hautes études commerciales de Paris, class 21) for training in all aspects of the creation of innovative companies (business, management, strategy, intellectual property, entrepreneurs network). He has continued his research work with more 10 scientific publications and patents dedicated to cellular homeostatis. Christophe is holding the position of President Oncomedics SAS since its inception in August 2006.

Chief Scientific Officer: Dr Stéphanie Giraud

Stéphanie is Doctor of the University of Limoges in Biology and Health. She also has experience of teaching at the University level (ATER) and also of clinical research (ARC) at the University Hospital of Limoges. Stéphanie has actively participated to the creation of Oncomedics with Christophe. She is involved since 2004 mainly on its technical aspects. Her research is oriented oncology and the study of the mechanisms of cell death and proliferation. Stéphanie now controls all the technical research and development of Oncomedics as Chief Scientific Officer of Oncomedics since its inception in August 2006.

Production Director: Dr Christophe Morand du Puch

Christophe holds a Bachelor of Science from the College of Charleston (South Carolina, USA) and is also Doctor of the University Joseph Fourier-Grenoble I in Chemistry-Biology. Christophe worked at previous positions on several programs of both academic research (College of Charleston, Charleston, INSERM, Paris, Atomic Energy Commission, Grenoble) and industrial research (Atheris laboratories, Geneva). His activities have enabled him to acquire a broad spectrum of expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. His thesis focused on the study of the mechanisms of formation of chemical DNA damage and repair of these lesions by cells in close contact with the therapeutic approaches of certain cancers. Christophe joined Oncomedics as project manager in January 2011, in charge of the hospital clinical research protocol on the method of Oncogramme for colon cancer.