Sedimentation field flow fractionation monitoring of in vitro enrichment in cancer stem cells by specific serum-free culture medium

Mélin C, Perraud A, Bounaix Morand du Puch C, Loum E, Giraud S, Cardot P, Jauberteau MO, Lautrette C, Battu S, Mathonnet M. 

The development of methods to enrich cell populations for cancer stem cells (CSC) is urgently needed to help understand tumor progression, therapeutic escape and to evaluate new drugs, in particular for colorectal cancer (CRC). In this work, we describe the in vitro use of OncoMiD for colon, a CRC-specific primary cell culture medium, to enrich CRC cell lines in CSC. Sedimentation field flow fractionation (SdFFF) was used to monitor the evolution of subpopulations composition. In these models, medium induced a loss of adherence properties associated with a balance between proliferation and apoptosis rates and, more important, an increased expression of relevant CSC markers, leading to specific SdFFF elution profile changes.

  • Using a new defined medium to enriched cancer stem cells (CSC) content in colorectal cancer cell lines.
  • Morphological, functional and phenotypical characterization of CSC.
  • Rapid monitoring of CSC emergence with sedimentation field flow fractionation.

Keywords :  Cell enrichment, Colorectal cancer, Defined medium, Cancer stem cells, Sedimentation field flow fractionation