Partnership between Eurofins Biomnis and Oncomedics

Partnership between Eurofins Biomnis and Oncomedics

Oncomedics - CliniSciences Group - is pleased to announce its partnership with Eurofins Biomnis, European leader in specialized medical biology.


Eurofins Biomnis is the first medical biology laboratory to produce the Oncogramme® , an in vitro diagnostic medical device developed by Oncomedics to predict the efficacy of chemotherapy combinations in the first line treatment of metastatic colon cancer.

By helping to identify the first-line therapeutic strategy(ies) to which the patient's tumor is sensitive, among the recommended treatment lines, the Oncogramme® represents a real challenge in the management of metastatic colon cancer and should ensure both medical and socio-economic benefits.

All patients with metastatic colorectal cancer receive chemotherapy among the available treatments for which, until now, there has been no tool allowing a sensitive prognosis. The Oncogramme® responds to this problem by providing oncologists with a decision aid to identify the most effective treatment or combination of treatments to treat the patient in question.


To determine ex vivo the sensitivity of a tumor to combinations of antitumor treatments

The Oncogramme® functional test determines the sensitivity of the tumor to one or more antitumor agents, ex vivo and therefore without risk for the patient. The principle consists of growing a fragment of the patient's tumor cells in an adapted medium developed by Oncomedics and then placing them in the presence of various therapeutic molecules. The mortality of these tumor cells subjected to anti-tumor agents is then analyzed by expert biologists who transmit a specific profile of the patient's tumor to the prescribing physician two weeks after the sampling. This is an innovative tool to assist in the choice of treatments to be used which, for the first time, allows doctors to anticipate the sensitivity of each patient's tumor to the various possible treatment combinations.


For personalized oncology treatments for all patients

This partnership between Oncomedics and Eurofins Biomnis is part of the ongoing commitment to personalized medicine. Following the favorable opinion of the High Health Authority, the Oncogramme® functional test is covered by the French health insurance system as part of the «Innovation Package».

The Eurofins Biomnis laboratory brings to this partnership its expertise in the realization of analyses with high medical added value. The presence of the Eurofins Biomnis partner throughout France and in more than 40 countries should make the Oncogramme® accessible to a maximum number of patients.